Our team of Product Specialists, Technical Specialists, and Customer Support members all provide input to designing, building, and delivering better solutions for our customer's applications. All of the systems we provide are fully assembled and tested in our facility. In order to fully achieve our goals, we always invite our customers to visit, review, and test their systems prior to delivery. Whether you maintain your own equipment or leverage CCS’s service team, all our solutions are field supported 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with factory certified technicians.


Tech Support

24 hours a day 7 days a week we are ready to support you and your equipment. Whether you have a basic question or you need full field support, we are here to serve you. All of our technicians are cross-trained and proficient on all of our technologies. However, as we all do, they have products they are passionate about and their passion has made them the best in certain categories. 

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On-site audits

Many times customers are presented with situations where they need a fresh perspective on how to best conquer the task before them. We are glad to come visit your facility to help evaluate what you have and the types of changes that would yield the best results. Streamlining your operations with higher output and lower costs is what we live to do.


Custom Software solutions

We provide you with the convenient opportunity
to receive a custom software solution by
having us come in and complete an onsite audit. From there we will design
a custom solution that will meet all your needs and increase your productivity These software solutions will be made to interface with your existing
technology/network, and also communicate to the equipment we provide.



Getting a new machine can be intimidating when you've never used it before. That's why we provide training for our machines to make sure that you and your staff are prepared to tackle the new equipment no matter what task you have at hand.  Training can be done
on-site at your facility or
at CCS where we offer a more detailed, classroom-oriented experience.  


trade ins

Out with the old and in with the new! It's time you quit constantly repairing and maintaining that dingy old machine. But, you're in luck, because we'll gladly take it off your hands. We offer the opportunity for you to trade in your old machine for cash value, up to $2,500, for a discount on a brand new machine. Get your new machine today.