Not only do we provide a variety of different machines, we also provide all of the additional products that you could possibly need to go with them. Below you can find products that go with your machines. Not sure what you need? Give us a call.


Fume Extractors

Day to day jobs in industrial environments can create harmful dust particles, fumes, and odors. By using a fume extractor you can rid your environment of these hazards and protect the health of your employees, reduce cleaning cost and time, and overall provide a better working environment. Brands we provide at CCS, like Purex and Fumex, are all capable of providing an easy solution for you. 


Label rewinders

Label rewinders have the capability to adjust the direction of rotation, counterclockwise and clockwise, to allow you to rewind the label to face in or face out. They can handle labels up to 4.72", 5", and 6.85" wide and rewind rolls with a diameter up to 6.7", 10", 11.81". Additional support is available for heavy rolls.


Case Sealers

Cases sealers are an effective and efficient way to get your cases sealed and ready to ship. We have a full line of pressure-sensitive carton sealing tape with all three adhesive technologies available to meet all your case sealing needs. 


Better pack Tapers

Water activated tape dispensers are crucial for a fast paced shipping and packaging environment. They are designed to be safe as well, with a safety interlock switch that disables the cutting blade when the front cover is open to prevent injury. In one 8 hour day a Better Pack taper is capable of packaging and sealing 100 cartons.  



Capable of decoding both 2D and 3D codes, Cognex scanners are designed to be the leader of the industry. With high read rates, advanced technology, modular options, and easy set up, you can be sure to find what you're looking for with these scanners.